Maxim Golf Solutions provides an entire suite of offerings for our clients. These services typically work best when bundled, as they typically allow maximum resource efficiency and reduce duplicate efforts, but they can be selected a la carte if need be.

  • Daily Sales Accounting
Implementation of Operational Procedures and Best Practices

  • Property Maintenance (Course, Clubhouse, Cart Storage, Equipment)

  • Staffing – Training
HR Provision (Employee Benefits, State and National Employer Compliance)

  • Vendor Account Procurement
  • Merchandise
Food & Beverage
  • Supplies
Operational Equipment

  • City/County/State/Federal Compliance
Licensing (Chemical Application, Food Handling, Alcohol Training, Business Licensing)

  • Food – Beverage – Liquor (Licensing and Training)
  • Golf Course Construction Oversight, Planning, and Procurement

  • Business Plan Development
  • Budget Development

  • Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Annual Accounting of All Business Activity
Coding and Payment of All Club Related Invoices

  • Monthly Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Accounts Receivable Collection

  • Monthly Reporting of Inventory Totals
  • Point of Sale Inventory Management
  • Pricing of all Retail Food and Beverage and Merchandise
Annual Asset Inventory Reporting (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment)

  • Development of Annual Membership Programs

  • Development of Public Tee Time Pricing Schedules
Jr. Golf Program Development
Tournament / League Development (In House – Member – Patron – Contracted)
Stay and Play Golf Development

  • Member Event Program Development

  • Development of all Marketing Materials (Digital, Print, Audio)
Implementation of Annual Marketing Plan (Outlined in Business Plan)

  • Procurement of all Advertising Spends

  • Monthly Profit and Loss Statements including Monthly Budget Projections

  • Monthly Rounds Reporting

  • Monthly Membership Sales and Billing Reporting

  • A/P & A/R Monthly Reporting

  • Monthly Balance Sheet Reporting

  • Attendance at Necessary Planning and Review Meetings

  • Cooperation with Owner Authorized Golf Course Committees

  • Procurement of Property, and General Liability Insurance
Insurance Compliance
Claim Reporting

  • Chamber of Commerce Participation
Local and Region Convention and Visitors Bureau Participation

  • Local Association Relationship Development (Rotary, Shriners, Unions, Etc.)


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