"At Maxim Golf Solutions, it is our goal to help every operation we work with maximize their earning potential.We have years of real, on-the-job experience in diverse markets with a proven track record of success. We’re confident that we can help your company earn more money and offer improved services that will distinguish you from the competition."
Bryan Minnis
Maxim Golf Solutions, CEO

Maxim Golf Solutions

…was formed to meet the needs of golf course owners and operators who could benefit from the expertise of industry professionals offering affordable services and sensible solutions to the challenges faced in today’s golf economy.  Maxim Golf Solutions is a Kansas based Limited Liability Company that specializes in comprehensive management and consulting services designed to help golf course owners and managers succeed in their goals to maximize the potential of their operations.

Our executive team is comprised of industry professionals who specialize in very specific areas of golf club operation, and who also have a broad understanding of the golf industry on both a local and national level.

Maxim Golf Solutions brings over 75 years of professional experience with them that relates specifically to the needs of both private and public golf entities.  Our team of professionals represents high level expertise in every facet of club operations including: Golf Shop Operations, Food & Beverage, Grounds & Maintenance, Sales & Marketing, Membership, Training, Clubhouse Management, & Technology.

Maxim Golf Solutions prides itself in its ability to translate the experience and success of each of its executives into solutions for owners and operators looking to improve their business.

Maxim’s executives meet formally on a weekly basis to discuss the needs and review the performance of each client’s operation.  Each executive carries with them an equal share of the company’s success and responsibility for our client’s success. 


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